Human resources

Engaged and competent employees are key magic ingredient in every great organization. Employees with high energy level, who are proactive and focused, who take responsibility and promote change for the better contribute to the organization development and move it forward. This is the reason why we in Orbico Beauty focus special attention to professional selection of new as well as education and development of  the existing employees.

It is important for us that our employees act with enthusiasm, initiative and proactivity, that they are responsible and curious and that they have integrity and personal honesty. In search for new, improved and innovative business solutions we promote open communication. Good ideas with business value are rewarded and employees with great achievement have the opportunity to be promoted and to develop professionally and personally. Wherever there is an opportunity we pay per performance so that employees with better results have the opportunity to earn more. Some of Orbico Beauty's strengths and advantages are teamwork and strong supportive people relations.