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We’ve launched our first webshop!

Meet, our first web shop created as a result of love and effort of our beauty insiders.

We ourselves form a community of beauty addicts who adore cosmetics, always try new products and are at the source of world beauty trends. So, yes, we created FABUspot for others, but to be completely honest, we also created it for ourselves, thinking about what our ideal beauty oasis would look like.

In addition to the fact that the offer includes top brands from the Orbico Beauty portfolio,...


"WOW OR NEVER" is a project of a completely new concept of exhibiting and selling brands that we have not yet had the opportunity to see in our drugstores. It is a joint project of Bipa and Orbico Beauty. Apart from Croatia, the project is also taking place in Austria where our Orbico colleagues are cooperating with local Bipa.

The concept of the "WOW OR NEVER" project is designed so that different "hot" beauty brands can rotate in one place. KOKIE, MAKEUP ACADEMY and TONYMOLY are currently...


In addition to distribution, Orbico Beauty also has its own retail - nine stores to be exact. The retail consists of three MAC Cosmetics stores, four Anabella perfumeries as well as Jo Malone London and Lancel boutiques. We are pleased to announce that as of May 11th, all our retail outlets are open. Since the health and safety of our employees and customers are our priority, we have thoroughly cleaned all stores and we adhere to the highest sanitary measures. We look forward to a fresh...

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